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I was very pleased with the services I received from Attorney Michael Vogel and his staff at Vogel Law Firm, Ltd., in the handling of an estate closing.  They were all willing to answer any of my questions and they handled every problem that arose in a professional manner.  They are very knowledgeable with the procedures on closing an estate, including what has to be filed with the courts and filing of tax forms.  They are a great bunch of people to work with and they set my mind at ease through the whole process.  I would recommend Vogel Law Firm, Ltd., to anyone.

~ D. L., Janesville, WI

I am so glad I found you.

~R. O., Janesville, WI

We just finished our estate plan with Attorney Vogel.  We are so pleased and relieved to have it done.  Attorney Vogel was so thorough, professional, and took care of everything for us.  The entire process was so easy.

~K. & J. B., Janesville, WI

I just wanted to thank everyone for all your help with my dad's estate, the help you provided during my parents' lives, and when we had to sell their condo.  It has been a real pleasure working with you.  Everyone has been very professional, friendly, and accommodating.  You explained everything along the way, and I felt that all my questions were answered exceptionally quick.

~A.S., Las Vegas, NV

I want to thank you for your work with the trust.  Twenty years ago, I was sure I would never have been put into the position of trustee.  I know it was a mess, but I want you to know that I always felt I was in good hands with you and your law firm.

~M.M., Spring Green, WI

Thank you so much for your time.  I knew if my friend recommended you, that you would be good; and I am not disappointed.  I feel very confident that my trust will be perfect in every way.  I appreciated your knowledge and how personable you are.

~L.C., Janesville, WI

You are a gentleman and a scholar!

~R.A., Janesville, WI

Thank you and your staff for all of your assistance in completing the legal matters in a professional, helpful way during what is, perhaps, the most difficult time in the lives of those who have lost a loved one.

~N.B., Madison, WI

Thank you for all your work on my mother's estate.  You are a wonderful group of people.

~K.K., Southheart, ND

You, Sir, are worth every penny!

~A.A., Janesville, WI

After meeting with two other lawyers in Janesville, this client commented, "You're a country mile ahead of your competitors out there."

~J. R., Janesville, WI

Mike Vogel did a very thorough job of setting up my trust. I have very special circumstances with health issues for my beneficiaries. Mike researched all of the options I had in setting up my trust and presented them to me before making my decision.

Mike Vogel and his staff acted professionally at all times. This was all done in a timely manner. I highly recommend Mike Vogel and his staff for all your legal needs.
~B. W., Milton, WI

Several years ago, my parents asked me to manage their finances in the event they could not manage themselves. It seemed like an easy enough request. I felt confident that I could pay their bills on time and keep the check book balanced. Besides, my mother was indestructible and would never, ever need my help with this.
But in 2001, my dad’s health failed and my mom was diagnosed with dementia. It was then that I realized that I had agreed to something that I was never prepared to handle.
I met Mike Vogel at the very beginning of this very difficult time in my life. Mom and dad had done their powers of attorney for health care documents incompletely so both needed legal guardianship. Dad’s would later be reversed but mom’s continued until her death in 2007.
During the span of 7 years, Mike helped me navigate the very confusing legal system. My education as an RN did little to help me understand the complexities of legal guardianship of the estate for mom which included very detailed accounting of her finances every year. He assisted me with the sale of their home, which I had never done before. He advised me in the management of separate financial accounts for each of them and helped me with their taxes. When dad died in 2005, he helped me as executor of dads estate, which again I had to knowledge of how to do and then helped me with settling mom’s estate after her death in 2007.
It is impossible in a short paragraph to tell you just how ill equipped I was to manage mom and dad’s affairs. It was far more involved than simply paying the bills on time. I turned the trust that they had in me over to Mike who helped me every step of the way through a very long and emotionally difficult 6 years. He did so with knowledge, expertise and compassion and I could never have done it without him.
~L. T., Janesville, WI

Throughout this entire process, we were always grateful to know that we had you as our advocate. We know that anytime we need legal advice, you are the one to call.
~A. & L. C., Orfordville, WI

Thanks for doing an excellent job setting up the trust, etc. We are all impressed with you and it has given the entire family a sense of peace and excitement.
~D. E., Fifield, WI

We scheduled an appointment with Vogel Law Firm to have our Will prepared. Although the thought of preparing our Wills was unpleasant, Vogel Law Firm made the visit very comfortable. Not only did the firm walk us through every step, they presented ideas and solutions for every possible scenario. We now have peace of mind that everything is in order. Vogel Law Firm went above and beyond our expectations and we would highly recommend them!
~B. K., Janesville, WI

This all seemed so overwhelming to think about and to do. But you lead us thru it all so quick and easy. You and your staff have been great.
~L. T., Janesville, WI

We went to Attorney Vogel to do a family trust and power of attorney papers.  At our first meeting, we were truly impressed that Attorney Vogel took so much time with us in covering all of the issues.  At this time, he talked to my husband and included him in the conversation.  Most people talk around a person with dementia, as if they are not present.  Our second meeting was for Attorney Vogel to help us apply for Medicaid.  He and his staff did a great job sorting through all of the paperwork required by the state.  Anytime my son or I had questions about both procedures, either his staff answered our question or Attorney Vogel returned our calls in a timely manner.  We would highly recommend Attorney Vogel and his staff to others.

~L. B., Beloit, WI

We met Mr. Vogel at a seminar and were referred to him by our financial planner to re-work our trust.  I can tell you it was a wonderful experience.  It was like sitting at the kitchen table talking with a family member.  He is extremely knowledgeable.  He answered all of our questions and brought up things that we did not think of.  He was courteous and sincere.  We would highly recommend him to all of our acquaintances.

~R. & S. K., Janesville, WI

Thank you for meeting with us today.  You made us feel very comfortable and your information was very helpful.  We feel you’re the right person for us! :)

~J. J., Janesville, WI

This situation with my mom was the most difficult and emotional period I’ve experienced. Your firm treated my elderly mother as an individual with sensitivity and professionalism.  Today she is happier and better cared for because of your professional and high standard of services.   Bless your heart for all you have done to help in this difficult situation.

~D. M., Whitewater, WI

You are exactly what we were looking for to help us get things in order at this point in our lives, combined with our relocation to Janesville and Wisconsin.

~G. & D. S., Janesville, WI

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