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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

There is no better review than a testimonial. We have hundreds.

I was very pleased with the services I received from Attorney Michael Vogel and his staff at Vogel Law Firm, Ltd., in the handling of an estate closing. They were all willing to answer any of my questions and they handled every problem that arose in a professional manner. They are very knowledgeable with the procedures on closing an estate, including what has to be filed with the courts and filing of tax forms. They are a great bunch of people to work with and they set my mind at ease through the whole process. I would recommend Vogel Law Firm, Ltd., to anyone. ~ D.L., Janesville, WI
After meeting with two other lawyers in Janesville, this client commented, "You're a country mile ahead of your competitors out there." ~ J.R., Janesville, WI
I am also an attorney practicing in a different area of the law. Attorney Vogel and his team were very professional, compassionate, and responsive assisting me with my estate planning and my husband's estate matters. ~ M.W., Janesville, WI
You are a gentleman and a scholar! ~ R.A., Janesville, WI
My family and I would like to thank you and your staff for taking care of our parents' estate. We are very pleased with the professionalism throughout the entire process and appreciate the attention to detail that we received. You have a great staff and we are planning to share these thoughts with anyone who asks us about the process and the firm we chose to assist with our parents' estate. ~ M.S., Janesville, WI
We went to Attorney Vogel for our estate plan and had a great experience. Everything is streamlined and efficient and Attorney Vogel is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. He is also very approachable and wonderful to work with. He really takes the time to get to know his clients and patiently takes the time to work through any questions or the intricacies of any given situation. Prices are also market and not ridiculous. Highly recommend! You will not be disappointed! ~ A.A. & K.L., Cambridge, WI
Our investment counselor suggested that we do some planning to protect our investments given that my wife has dementia and will likely need some long-term care when I cannot provide it. She suggested Vogel Law Firm and we were connected with Tanner Gille. How fortunate it was for us. In reviewing our existing Will, he found a major limitation that needed to be corrected. We thought we were protected, but that was not the case. Tanner proceeded to reconstruct our investment situation and provided options for us to use. His knowledge and expertise were without question. He was compassionate and insightful to our situation. While some of the decisions were difficult, it was very comforting to have his guidance. I cannot say enough good about our experience. ~ J.S., Janesville, WI
Mike was amazing to work with and understood exactly what we wanted and was a great listener. ~ P.P. & B.P., Janesville, WI
I never thought I would hear myself say this about going to an attorney, but what a good experience. I was so impressed by how organized and efficient they were with our estate planning, it was almost painless. I highly recommend Vogel. ~ T.G. & R.G., Beloit, WI
My husband and I used Vogel Law Firm to produce a new will and other papers necessary as we age. We were very pleased with the results. They took time to answer all our questions and questioned us to make sure we had everything covered. Upon completion, again they took time to go over every page in detail. The attorneys, paralegals and support staff were all professional and very personable. We recommend this firm very highly. ~ K.A. & J.A., Janesville, WI
I feel fortunate to have met Mike over 20 years ago. Since then, he has helped me with a multitude of trust, tax, and estate planning for myself, my parents, my brothers, and my aunt. He has never disappointed. I have found him to be knowledgeable, trustworthy, fair, and thorough. He has been and will always be my first call should the need arise. I have recommended his services to many people and will continue to do so. I would give him 10 stars if I could. ~ K.F., Janesville, WI
Thank you, Mike, for assisting us on my parents' trust/estate.  I couldn't have done it without your help. ~ C.W., Janesville, WI
I am so glad I found you. ~ R.O., Janesville, WI
You, Sir, are worth every penny! ~ A.A., Janesville, WI
Michael, you run a first class operation. From the first meeting, through each of the steps, you and your staff did an excellent job. Down the stretch, your paralegal was diligent in getting things buttoned up. The expertise and efficiency built into your practice! Your fees are quite reasonable. As a former practicing attorney, I can appreciate that it is not as easy as you made it look. Thank you! ~ V.L., Arlington Heights, IL
Appreciate Tanner Gille leading us through the complicated process of estate planning. Highly recommended. ~ R.D. & P.D., Edgerton, WI
We worked with Vogel Law Firm for our estate planning. Tanner Gille was excellent! He explained the process in layman's terms and always made sure we understood everything. The office staff were always friendly and professional. The price was competitive for all the services we needed. ~ N.D. & C. D, Janesville, WI
Highly recommended. Expert, efficient, pleasant service. ~ K.B., Janesville, WI
Tanner is very professional and thorough. So many things we don't think of that makes the process of estate planning so worth going to a professional. Could not be happier with the detail and extent of understanding our situation. ~ M.K. & T.P., Monona, WI
What stands out to us from this experience the most is the ease in working with Vogel Law Firm, Ltd. We know Mike is a very busy person and we are grateful for the time he took with us. We reference Vogel Law Firm to a well-oiled machine, all working in sync. ~ A.K. & D.K., Edgerton, WI
Both Mike Vogel and Tanner Gille were very professional, prepared and extremely knowledgeable. We feel very well-represented in our will preparation. ~ D.K. & K.K., Janesville, WI
My husband and I had an excellent experience updating our will and powers of attorney with Attorney Gille who was professional, affable, clear, and timely. We highly recommend Attorney Gille for all legal needs. ~ S.H. & S.H., Janesville, WI
We have been working with Attorney Gille since a relative passed away unexpectedly and another needed some planning due to health problems. He has been very knowledgeable and helpful during stressful times for our family and helped guide us through what we needed to do. ~ T.M., Janesville, WI
We were very pleased with the services provided by Vogel Law Firm. We thank Michael Vogel for his attention to detail and his straightforward approach in helping us navigate our will and everything that is connected to it. Thank you! ~ K.S. & J.S., Cambridge, WI
Attorney Gille exceeded our expectations in reviewing our estate plan. Thanks! ~ N.M. & K.M., Milton, WI
Very professional. We were able to have our needs completely met in one visit. Will continue to use this firm for all our future needs. ~ W.T. & S.T., Janesville, WI
My wife and I were referred to Vogel Law Firm by our investment advisor to do our estate planning. We were not disappointed as Tanner was very professional and explained everything in terms we understood. Everyone in the office was very friendly, and the price to complete our plan was very reasonable. I would highly recommend Vogel Law Firm to anyone looking to update their estate plan. ~ K.D. & P.D., Janesville, WI
We had Tanner Gille draw up our wills and we are so thankful. He did an amazing job. He took the time to explain every detail to us. We would definitely go back for any legal needs we have. Highly recommended. ~ M.T. & B.T., Janesville, WI
Vogel Law Firm is always there when I have a question or need legal advice. The service is timely and they are always considerate of my schedule and time. I can feel confident when I refer a friend that they will get the same professional service I have received over the last 30 years. A great group of people! ~ D.O., Madison, WI
We went to Vogel Law Firm for our estate planning. Attorney Tanner Gille was very knowledgeable and explained the process and always made sure we understood everything we were doing. Very pleased with this experience. The staff was professional and friendly. Highly recommend! ~ B.Y. & S.Y., Milton, WI
We worked with Mike and his team to establish a cabin trust for our Wisconsin property. He listened and helped us create a custom plan that set forth our wishes, advising as necessary along the way to ensure the plan made sense from a legal and practical perspective. ~ R.J. & M.W., New Lenox, IL
Attorney Vogel is extremely knowledgeable with a very professional staff to assist him. I feel very comfortable with his firm and would highly recommend his services to anyone. ~ N.D., Arbor Vitae, WI
Perfect! A comprehensive plan and well explained without breaking the bank. Thanks for being a great guy with a fantastic team! ~ J.B. & R.B., Janesville, WI
Vogel Law Firm has always and continues to exceed my expectations for service, value, responsiveness, and professionalism. Attention to detail is paramount in estate planning. I have been absolutely impressed and pleased with Vogel Law Firm's delivery of all three. Everyone in the office is down to earth and professional. I'd just as much be comfortable having coffee and everyday conversation. ~ A.A., Janesville, WI
Excellent Attorney! ~ G.M., Whitewater, WI
I worked with Vogel Law Firm for over a year. I was very impressed with the way they handled things and were always willing to answer all my questions. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of legal help in their field. ~ D.C., Green Lake, WI
Mike spoke to us using "common" language making it easy to understand our issues and the solution to our needs. He didn't speak to us in "legaleze."  The staff helped us promptly. ~ T.R & D.R., Janesville, WI
We were very pleased with both the professionalism and the personableness of the process. We are glad we attended a seminar that led us to an extremely competent law firm. We were very pleased with the attention to details of everything. We thought the cost was very reasonable due to the scope of our estate and the contacts with banks and insurance companies that had to be made on our behalf. The thoroughness, guidance, and the options presented for each step of the process. Professionalism, knowledge, and thoroughness. The process exceeded our expectations. We are quite grateful for the peace of mind that comes from having all of this taken care of. Thank you very much! ~ B.M. & J.M., Janesville, WI
Attorney Tanner Gille evaluated our situation and gave us an honest opinion on what to do. Mike was quite helpful, as well. An energetic and knowledgeable attorney. Both Mike and Tanner were efficient and professional and answered all of our questions. What good listeners both Mike and Tanner are. The receptionist was very pleasant on the phone. ~ M.B. & K.B., Edgerton, WI
When your spouse passes, things you have to do often erase their memory. Redoing the will/trust was one of those. Thank you for making it as comfortable as you did. Excellent, honest advise delivered in clear, understandable explanations, along with the kindness and patience necessary to allow my processing the events that led me to Attorney Vogel. I felt like I was sitting in my home talking with family and friends. ~ S.L., Janesville, WI
Vogel Law Firm, Ltd., was a wise choice for us. They were warm, friendly, and very helpful with our needs without breaking the bank. They made suggestions for us to keep the cost low while meeting our needs. We would highly recommend their services. ~ D.P. & D.P., Janesville, WI
Very happy with my experience at Vogel Law Firm. They are very thorough. ~ P.M., Janesville, WI
Michael explained everything in great detail.  We couldn't be happier.  Everything met or exceeded our expectations.  Michael made us feel comfortable and safe with our estate plan. ~ P.L. & P.L., Merrillan, WI
From our first investigative phone call, through the estate planning, to signing our final documents, the staff was professional, courteous, and patient. They answered all our questions so that it was easy for us to understand. We are very pleased and would recommend Vogel Law Firm to others. ~ B.C. & E.C., Milton, WI
Knowledgeable, professional service. We have confidence in the end product. We were given as much time as we needed to discuss all details. We never felt rushed. ~ D.O. & S.O., Delavan, WI
We felt very comfortable throughout the process and enjoyed working with Attorney Gille. We would recommend your firm to anyone! ~ T.F. & K.H.F., Milton, WI
Michael Vogel used his brilliant legal mind and his kind-hearted empathy to make my estate planning an uplifting process. From the first day I walked into the Vogel Law Firm office to make an appointment until the final signing of the papers, I felt welcome and comfortable. I knew that I selected the right attorney in Michael Vogel, and that applies to his staff, as well. He spent loads of time with me, patiently listened to everything I had to say, answered questions thoroughly and clearly, and made welcome suggestions for fine-tuning and improvement of my estate plan. Michael Vogel radiated honesty and high ethical standards, both personally and professionally. ~ R.H., Whitewater, WI
Vogel Law Firm, Ltd., handled my uncle's estate very efficiently and professionally. Everyone at the firm are all so nice and willing to do whatever is needed to handle any situation that arises. I was at ease with all of the paperwork involved in closing an estate, knowing that everything was handled in a timely fashion. I didn't have to worry about all of the filings of paperwork at the courthouse or taxes because Vogel Law Firm handled it all. They contacted all insurance companies for life insurance policies and handled the bank institutions. I was pleased with everything. Vogel Law Firm also handled the establishment of a trust for my Mother when my Dad died, and I thought they were very thorough setting that up, as well. Expertise! I believe everyone at Vogel Law Firm knew their job and made the process go smoothly. Everyone was so professional and personable. What stood out to me was the honesty and going the extra mile I've seen time and again through the whole process. ~ D.L., Janesville, WI
Had a great experience working with Tanner on our estate planning. He made the process simple and answered all of our questions! Reasonably priced and easy to work with. Highly recommend! ~ J.Y. & M.Y., Janesville, WI
Mr. Vogel and Mr. Gille were very good to work with when getting my Will made out. I had no idea what was needed and they took their time with me and explaining things to me that I would never have thought of on my own. Great people to work with and the office staff are very welcoming, also! ~ R.M.
You get an A+ from a former teacher! No wonder your office is so busy! ~ G.B., Janesville, WI
Attorney Gille was very professional, explained the whole process of dealing with my mother's estate, and answered all my questions very promptly. I was expecting a year-long mess of legal forms to complete that the average person knows nothing about. What I received was a no stress, no paperwork, professional service with everything explained and taken care of for me in a timely manner. ~ W.B., Janesville, WI
Very professional, kind and so helpful! ~ J.B. & C.B., Janesville, WI
Our recent visit to Vogel Law Firm was to update our wills and our POA medical and financial needs. Staff was very friendly and professional. Mike and Tanner were attentive to our needs/wants and patient with our concerns and questions. We highly recommend using Vogel Law Firm - Janesville, WI. ~ W.E. & S.E., Beloit, WI
Peace of mind that it will be easier for my children when I'm gone. ~ M.S., Janesville, WI
Thank you so much for the help you provided as I attempt to navigate through my parents' finances. I am grateful they enlisted knowledgeable professionals to guide them, and now me. Mike, you and your staff are much appreciated. ~ S.S., Neenah, WI
The best information I could have received anywhere. Friendly souls who knew what I needed and got it done. I have and will continue to refer my friends to this organization. I have no worries about the service they will receive. ~ R.B., Wilton, WI
Tanner Gille is a great attorney! I would definitely recommend him! ~ C.D., Beloit, WI
A highly competent, professional firm. I feel they didn't charge enough for the competence I received. ~ T.P., De Pere, WI
Attorney Tanner Gille was very easy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney. ~ J.M., Janesville, WI
You knocked it out of the ballpark! Everything was clear, effective, and professional. Your law firm is wonderful. Easy breezy...it's all taken care of...no worries! ~ C.W., Janesville, WI
Very kind and thorough. ~ D.T. & J.T., Janesville, WI
Fair and accurate handling of my husband's estate with efficiency and competency. What stood out to me the most was Attorney Vogel's professionalism. Very competent staff! I highly recommend Vogel Law Firm. Estates involve people who are suffering from loss and Attorney Vogel handled the legal side with efficiency and professionalism, and was also able to be compassionate and kind. He is an excellent lawyer. ~ T.B., Mt. Horeb, WI
Excellent. Very relaxing and now I know things are taken care of. Above and beyond. Professionalism. I have mentioned your firm to several of my clients. ~ W.S., Fort Atkinson, WI
Attorney Vogel maintains high standards and is very thorough and competent in our business dealings. ~ Anonymous
Far above our expectations! What stands out the most is the level of detail in all of our documents. We were extremely pleased with the level of professionalism that was exhibited by Vogel Law Firm. They took time to understand our needs and develop an estate plan to address our specific needs. ~ S.B. & K.B., Edgerton, WI
We were very pleased with Tanner Gille's preparation of our Wills. When he realized time was of the essence for us, he completed everything in one meeting. We definitely would recommend Vogel Law Firm. ~ D.T. & M.T., Orfordville, WI
Vogel Law Firm is wonderful to work with. I highly recommend them. ~ M.A., Janesville, WI
Really took the time to go over everything we would need on the call before we came. Very comfortable. Put us completely at ease. Went over it page by page. Very easy to understand. Reasonable costs. Very well done and presented. Excellent and very professional service. Very friendly. You don't have to be scared to make out your wills. Very nice people. We highly recommend. ~ R.A. & B.A., Whitewater, WI
Great at explaining options and pointing out things we didn't think of! A well explained experience with helpful tips on how to navigate this whole process. The knowledge and experience this law firm has! It was a great experience from start to finish! Thank you very much for your time and knowledge. You helped us out with things that we had no knowledge on and made it a pleasant experience! ~ G.B. & J.B., Janesville, WI
Attorney Gille explained everything to us. He did a great job. Everyone was very welcoming and I felt very comfortable when in your office. ~ M.L., Beloit, WI
Mike was very thorough in his work.  We would definitely recommend him. ~ M.H. & J.H., Roscoe, IL
They simplified a complicated process. The Vogel Law Firm team did an excellent job explaining the process. We were able to complete in two meetings (including an online meeting during Covid-19). ~ S.B. & M.B., Fort Atkinson, WI
Tanner guided me through the process step-by-step. What stands out the most to me is the professionalism of all the staff and accuracy of information and documents. ~ C.C., Beloit, WI
I expected them to be good because I had great referrals. What I received was excellence, professionalism, knowledge, understanding, and perfection in getting it done correctly with every detail in place. Every phone call and every question was answered. They truly cared about taking care of my family. Everyone was so kind and personable. I appreciate the way they guided me through every complicated twist. They have given me a great feeling of relief and confidence in being able to trust my affairs are in order. Thanks so much! ~ J.S., Milton, WI
Thank you so much for your excellent services, hard work, and time spent handling my Mom's estate. You addressed all of my concerns and explained them in a way I could understand. Should I ever need legal estate representation, you will be the first one I call. ~ S.H., Stoughton, WI
What stands out to me the most from this experience is the number of questions asked to ascertain what our thoughts and desires were. We truly appreciated the comprehensive packet. Very grateful for taking care of the beneficiary designations of all accounts! Great working with you! ~ G.G. & N.G., Janesville, WI
Mike is very knowledgeable in his areas of practice.  He would often suggest things that I hadn't even thought of and I have pretty good knowledge in the subject matter that we were seeking legal advice but I am not an attorney. I highly recommend Mike Vogel for legal advice in his areas of practice! ~ Anonymous
This was a great learning experience. Everything was explained the common-sense way. ~ R.S., Janesville, WI
Upfront and professional! Excellent and timely! It was a pleasure meeting you and we are grateful for your expertise in preparing our estate planning documentation. ~ J.F. & A.F., Janesville, WI
Very friendly staff who always returned phone calls and answered questions promptly. Very detailed documents. ~ C.J. & L.J., Hartford, WI
What stands out to us the most from this experience is Attorney Vogel's understanding, compassion, and professionalism. Everything was perfect! ~ D.W. & E.W., Williams Bay, WI
How personable Mike is and how well he explains things stands out the most! ~ T.M. & K.M., Janesville, WI
Mike suspected that I was coerced and made sure that my Will was what I wanted. He walked me through everything to make sure I understood what I was signing. ~ E.S., Delavan, WI
What stands out the most is how comfortable we felt during the meetings and how much we learned about the process. ~ J.W. & K.W., Janesville, WI
We have made quite a few referrals...THANK YOU! ~ J.L. & V.L., Janesville, WI
Tanner was patient and explained things so I could understand them. Excellent! ~ M.S., Janesville, WI
We really liked how Attorney Vogel explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. We felt that his services were well worth the money. Attorney Vogel is very knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and he knew what we needed and wanted. We came out feeling like we could rest easy knowing everything is in place and the way we wanted it. We are very happy with everything. ~ A.G. & L.G., Evansville, WI
Exceeded my expectations! Everything was exceptionally done with utmost care. I felt very at ease. Very friendly yet professional experience. What stands out to me the most is how promptly I was taken care of and very thoroughly. Everything was explained to me and I was very comfortable. I was very pleased with the service and left with complete confidence of a "job well done." ~ C.M., Janesville, WI
Professional, friendly, and understanding in all aspects! ~ R.R. & K.R., Milton, WI
We had no idea what to expect. Thanks for an easy process and providing some great ideas! ~ S.G. & S.G., Janesville, WI
Friendliness, knowledge, and professionalism exceeded my expectations! ~ C.J., Beloit, WI
Very professional staff. Clear communication. Great at answering our questions. What stands out the most is Attorney Vogel's knowledge and expertise. We liked that he was totally focused on us and our needs. ~ D.G. & R.G., Janesville, WI
For estate planning, we appreciated the pace and positivity in our experience. The atmosphere is friendly, professional, and efficient. We were informed, ideas were clarified, and yet we never felt intimidated in the experience or about asking any of our questions. We value the knowledge and wisdom shared, especially as we lacked knowing the right things to consider regarding living will documents and decisions. The insights received made it easy to make those decisions. We now realize we were in a good place for the most part, but now we have the confidence that any potential issues were skirted. Take away:  Take the time to get it done right! ~ G.H. & J.H., Janesville, WI
I wanted to personally thank you for guiding us through this difficult time. When you said, "if you were my Mom, this is what I would direct her to do," I knew we were in the right hands. I also appreciated the interaction between you and my son. He has complete confidence in you. Thank you, again. Especially for the kind, caring way you handled things. ~ S.L., Janesville, WI
Mike was very professional and knowledgeable. He provided feedback that led to options in our needs we had not thought about before the meeting. Mike's follow-up was/is excellent. ~ Anonymous
The thoroughness of understanding my assets and what will be best for me and my heirs is what stood out to me most. ~ D.E., Janesville, WI
Mike was thoughtful and sincere at this very difficult time for me. He asked questions on topics I never would have thought of. He covered all the bases. I received a job well done plus a sense of personal care on the part of Mike and others. What stands out is the professional, but personal approach to the task at hand. ~ P.P., Janesville, WI
Very comprehensive trust plan. We received the thoroughness and professional experience of Mr. Vogel. Mike did a very good job for us. He is also recommended by others. Our families know each other outside of this particular business and share Christian values. We will see Mike's firm in the future if we need a lawyer for anything. ~ D.M. & J.M., Janesville, WI
Thank you again for all of your help and guidance over the years. I am so glad my parents had many things in place and I had you to rely on. ~ S.S., Neenah, WI
I received competent, thoughtful ideas and good solutions to solve my concerns. What stands out the most to me from this experience is Mike's ability to listen and determine a good path forward. Always appreciate candor and ease of communication. Professional, knowledgeable, and thorough legal advice in a comfortable, unintimidating approach. ~ R.M., East Troy, WI
Mike went above and beyond to take care of everything! Even things that could change down the road. Such a relief! All stress and worry was taken away! I am so glad we used Attorney Vogel to set up our trust. We had a very complicated situation and he went above and beyond to make sure every little thing was covered. I am so grateful Attorney Vogel handled our estate. He took time to answer our many questions and concerns. We highly recommend Attorney Vogel. ~ T.R. & N.W., Beloit, WI
We can't imagine learning and knowing all that information in our portfolio. It's well worth it! We feel confident about a secure future for us and our kids! Thank you, Mike! ~ G.B. & S.B., Whitewater, WI
Expert guidance! Comfortable conversations! Very clear explanations to all questions! Thank you, Mike! ~ D.V. & J.V., Beloit, WI
Everything went so smoothly! Good value! Thank you for all you have done to make this probate process easier. You made my life so much easier. Thank you all for being so kind! ~ K.M., Brodhead, WI
Not only has Mike been involved with our income tax needs, but also in the following areas: Real Estate, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Tax Planning, and Residential Real Estate. We are grateful for the assistance he has provided. ~ Anonymous
This was a very enjoyable, pleasant, and knowledgeable experience. He spent a lot of time with us and it was not hurried through. ~ L.B., Beloit, WI
What stands out to me the most is how great they were to help me and make me feel things were done in the right way, so I have no worries. They did everything just right and I am very pleased with the firm. ~ M.G., Janesville, WI
Your firm made the whole process as painless as possible. I wasn't afraid to ask any questions and was confident I would get the right answer. Professionalism and friendliness of the entire staff! ~ T.H., Janesville, WI
Everything we expected and more! We feel like they take time to explain everything and we feel very good about what we got. The knowledge of everything...the laws are complicated and they were very informative. A pleasant experience! ~ M.S., & L.S., Beloit, WI
I appreciate the expertise and kindness you provided for many years for my aunt and recently for me in caring for her estate. ~ M.L., Milton, WI
What stands out to me the most is the professionalism and the knowledge I gained from the experience. ~ J.B., Beloit, WI
Thank you so much! You did a great job and made the process so much easier than expected. We were so impressed by how quickly they worked to meet all of our needs. They are professional from the moment you walk in the door until you leave. They want to make sure you are happy with their work before you leave. ~ C.W. & C.W., Janesville, WI
Flexibility and comfort, and casual yet professional services. Great job all around! ~ A.F. & K.F., Janesville, WI
Mike Vogel explained all the necessary aspects of a revocable trust. He produced a product in a timely fashion. Anyone needing estate planning in a form of a revocable trust should seek Mike as he did an excellent job. All steps that we needed to complete were clearly laid out for us to finish. Thank you, Vogel Law Firm. ~ P.B. & S.G., Janesville, WI
We were very pleased with Mike Vogel and the firm with our estate plan. He guided us through everything, answered all of our questions, and gave us some suggestions to make us feel very comfortable with what we have. Everyone in the office was very nice and friendly and we would highly recommend them. ~ M.S. & L.S., Beloit, WI
Peace of mind for our family! ~ D.M., Beloit, WI
Professional and courteous explanations. Trustworthy and knowledgeable. ~ S.T. & V.T., Janesville, WI
Professional, timely, and accurate service at a reasonable price! Nothing short of exemplary service! Thanks for an effortless experience! ~ B.G., Edgerton, WI
Mr. Vogel took the time for us to explain our goals. We were very impressed with his knowledge! ~ R.R. & N.R., Beloit, WI
Mike is so very approachable, answers all the questions, and gives great suggestions on hard issues. He is also kind and caring and has a great staff. Mike and his team made the process of creating a trust smooth and easy. They were always available to answer any questions and explain the process every step of the way. We felt confident in our decision to take this step and have come away with a peace of mind knowing things will run smoothly for our children when the time comes. ~ G.N. & M.N., Beloit, WI
We were interested in making changes to our trust. Mike gave us great advice on how to word those changes with thought and meaning for the future. Mike and his associates were extremely professional and personable through the entire process. ~ J.R. & K.R., Janesville, WI
Very happy with the whole process. I have a good understanding of the Will. ~ M.A., Janesville, WI
I was comfortable talking with Mike. Everyone was very friendly and professional. ~ J.F., Janesville, WI
We received a complete, detail oriented transaction that gave us a better understanding of, and complete confidence in, the process. ~ T.G. & J.G., Janesville, WI
What stands out the most to us from this experience is the well-run office and Mike's knowledge. Vogel Law Firm smoothly led my husband and I through the process of creating a Will.  They were very knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. ~ J.M. & A.M., Janesville, WI
Attorney Vogel provided outstanding service to our family in the past and continues to assist us with income taxes and other situations that may arise. He is very knowledgeable and goes out of his way to help in any way he can. ~ Anonymous
Great experience! ~ R.R. & V.R., Janesville, WI
We received an estate plan that comprehensively meets the current and future needs of our family. ~ J.S. & K.S., Janesville, WI
Mike took the time to go over all documents and explained the importance of each one. ~ G.K. & B.K., Albany, WI
All questions and concerns were explained in great detail. ~ A.M., Janesville, WI
Worth every cent! Once I met with Mr. Vogel and began the discussion of how to approach what would be best for protection of my estate, all of my apprehension dissipated. Questions were answered that I didn't even think to ask after he listened to all of my concerns. I am very satisfied with the way the whole process was conducted by Mr. Vogel and his staff. ~ B.P., Janesville, WI
Thoroughness, good advice, and professionalism! ~ R.F. & M.F., Brodhead, WI
Thank you, Attorney Vogel for your guidance and professionalism. All of our needs were met and questions were answered. We are grateful! ~ R.W. & K.W., Janesville, WI
The professional manner in which our business was conducted was above and beyond. Kudos to Mike and the team! All the i's were dotted and t's were crossed! Mike is a pleasure to work with, easy to converse with, knowledgeable, and detailed in explaining the plan. Dealing with Vogel Law Firm has given us great peace of mind to know that all of our needs were addressed. ~ D.T. & C.T., Janesville, WI
Attorney Vogel is extremely knowledgeable and handled our estate planning needs professionally and at a fair price. Highly recommended. ~ B.W. & M.W., Milton, WI
You restored my faith in attorneys, because it was seriously lacking before I came here. ~ J.P., Janesville, WI
We just finished our estate plan with Mike Vogel.  We are so pleased and relieved to have done it. Attorney Vogel was so thorough, professional, and took care of everything for us. The entire process was so easy. ~ K.B. & J.B., Janesville, WI
Thank you for all your work on my mother's estate. You are a wonderful group of people. ~ K.K., Southheart, ND
I've known Mike for approximately 12 years. My initial work with Mike and his firm was in the area of trusts and estates. Mike and his firm now handle the majority of my business and personal matters. I now consider Mike a personal friend due to his integrity, honesty, and Christian values. I would highly recommend Mike and Vogel Law Firm to anyone seeking legal counsel in his firm's areas of expertise! ~ Anonymous
Thank you so much for your time. I knew if my friend recommended you, that you would be good; and I was not disappointed. I feel very confident that my trust will be perfect in every way. I appreciated your knowledge an dhow personable you are. ~ L.C., Janesville, WI
We met Mr. Vogel at a seminar and were referred to him by our financial planner to re-work our trust. I can tell you it was a wonderful experience. It was like sitting at the kitchen table talking with a family member. He is extremely knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions and brought up things that we did not think of. He was courteous and sincere. We highly recommend him to all of our acquaintances. ~ R.K. & S.K., Janesville, WI
Thank you and your staff for all of your assistance in completing the legal matters in a professional, helpful way during what is, perhaps, the most difficult time in the lives of those who have lost a loved one. ~ N.B., Madison, WI
I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my Dad's estate, the help you provided during my parents' lives, and when we had to sell their condo. It has been a real pleasure working with you. Everyone has been very professional, friendly, and accommodating. You explained everything along the way, and I felt that all my questions were answered exceptionally quick. ~ A.S., Las Vegas, NV
I want to thank you for your work with the trust.  Twenty years ago, I was sure I would never have been put into the position of trustee.  I know it was a mess, but I want you to know that I always felt I was in good hands with you and your law firm. ~ M.M., Spring Green, WI
This all seemed so overwhelming to think about and to do, but you lead us thru it all so quick and easy. You and your staff have been great. ~ L.T., Janesville, WI
You are exactly what we were looking for to help us get things in order at this point in our lives, combined with our relocation to Janesville and Wisconsin. ~ G.S. & D.S., Janesville, WI
The situation with my mom was the most difficult and emotional period I've experienced. Your firm treated my elderly mother as an individual with sensitivity and professionalism. Today she is happier and better cared for because of your professional and high standard of services. Bless your heart for all you have done to help in this difficult situation. ~ D.M., Whitewater, WI
Throughout this entire process, we were always grateful to know that we had you as our advocate.  We know that any time we need legal advice, you are the one to call. A.C. & L.C., Orfordville, WI
Mike is very serious about his work and advising. He is well studied and has made the encounter with legal issues straight forward. When I meet with Mike, a plan is formed and action proceeds whether it is from his office or actions that I need to fulfill. Plans are clear and concise and complete. ~ Anonymous
Mike Vogel did a very thorough job of setting up my trust. I have very special circumstances with health issues for my beneficiaries. They researched all of the options I had in setting up my trust and presented them to me before making my decision. The attorneys and staff acted professionally at all times. This was all done in a timely manner. I highly recommend Vogel Law Firm for all your legal needs. ~ B.W., Milton, WI
Thanks for doing an excellent job setting up the trust, etc. We are all impressed with you and it has given the entire family a sense of peace and excitement. ~ D.E., Fifield, WI
We went to Attorney Vogel to do a family trust and powers of attorney papers. At our first meeting, we were truly impressed that Attorney Vogel took so much time with us in covering all of the issues. At this time, he talked to my husband and included him in the conversation. Most people talk around a person with Dementia, as if they are not present. Our second meeting was for Attorney Vogel to help us apply for Medicaid. He and his staff did a great job sorting through all of the paperwork required by the state. Anytime my son or I had questions about both procedures, either his staff answered our question or Attorney Vogel returned our calls in a timely manner. We would highly recommend Attorney Vogel and his staff to others. ~ L.B., Beloit, WI
We scheduled an appointment with Vogel Law Firm to have our Will prepared. Although the thought of preparing our Wills was unpleasant, Vogel Law Firm made the visit very comfortable. Not only did the firm walk us through every step, they presented ideas and solutions for every possible scenario. We now have peace of mind that everything is in order. Vogel Law Firm went above and beyond our expectations and we would highly recommend them! ~ B.K., Janesville, WI
The level of detail that was needed for the trust stands out the most to us. Nice job and gives us a "peace of mind" feeling as we move forward. ~ K.R. & T.R., Three Lakes, WI
We both were comfortable right off the bat. Your knowledge taught us things that we never thought of. Our meetings were well thought out and professional! You and your staff made this a comfortable experience. A Five-Star rating! ~ M.W. & K.W., Janesville, WI
We received a thorough and accurate trust. What stands out the most is the completeness and professionalism. ~ W.S. & C.S., Janesville, WI
Excellent! ~ R.L. & A.L., Janesville, WI
We appreciated the guidance from Mike. We felt very comfortable working with everyone at the law office. Very professional and non-judgmental. We feel that our estate needs were well taken care of and we can relax now. ~ K.M. & B.M., Evansville, WI
A well-run, professional business that was always polite and helpful. ~ B.R., Edgerton, WI
Professional and caring service. A weight off my shoulders. ~ B.B., Janesville, WI
Accurate and detailed estate planning. ~ J.F. & M.F., Monroe, WI
We now have a sense of trust and confidence that we chose the correct person/firm. Less stressful than we thought it might be. Very reasonable. ~ B.D. & S.D., Beloit, WI
This was a very enjoyable, pleasant, and knowledgeable experience. Attorney Vogel spent a lot of time with me and it was not hurried through. ~ L.L., Beloit, WI
Everyone was friendly, yet professional. ~ W.E., & S.E., Edgerton, WI
Peace of mind in knowing in the event of a tragedy it would be easier for our loved ones. What stood out the most was the knowledge of the little things that will save a ton of headache later. ~ N.S. & A.S., Footville, WI
You made this process much easier than we anticipated. ~ R.B. & K.B., Janesville, WI
Attorney Vogel really listened to my concerns on our first telephone consult. Every document I presented to him he poured over to pull out the facts he needed to support my case. He is patient in that he sifts out information he needs from our conversations. He documents little details and uses them later in his discovery interrogatory questioning documents. He takes me seriously. He is confident and comfortable in the courtroom. Attorney Vogel is approachable and friendly. He is a true ally. ~ Anonymous
The process was seamless and completed with no problems. ~ A.B. & R.B., Fort Atkinson, WI
Everything was described in layman's terms so that we really understood the difference between certain types of trusts and just having a will. ~ R.B. & P.B., Janesville, WI
What really stood out to me from this experience is the depth of the final trust. I am completely satisfied. ~ P.L., Fort Atkinson, WI
Very friendly staff. We received an estate plan that was tailored just for us. ~ G.B. & K.B., Evansville, WI
We received patience and understanding! ~ J.S. & S.S., Janesville, WI
Very professional. What stands out the most to me is how well the procedure was explained. ~ J.H., Janesville, WI
Prompt, efficient, accurate help with decisions. Respectful discussions and questions answered. Nice job! Very professional. ~ J.B. & B.N., Janesville, WI
Mike is personable and made the whole process easy. Would definitely recommend! All of the staff were very friendly. ~ K.M. & E.M., Janesville, WI
Tanner is very professional and personable and did a very good job of understanding my needs. I am very pleased with the attention and guidance I received from Tanner and your law firm. ~ R.J., Janesville, WI
We expected accurate legal advice presented in a professional yet personal manner.  That is exactly what we received. Tanner was very knowledgeable and professional. ~ E.S. & M.S., Edgerton, WI
Very happy Mike and his staff! ~ B.D., Janesville, WI
We felt relaxed and Michael's knowledge was so helpful to us. We were clients but felt as we became friends. The documents are very clear to understand. It is nice to have it all set for our sons. We are glad it is finished and ready for whatever God has in plan for us. ~ R.W. & R.W., Janesville, WI
The best information and help we could possibly receive - very satisfied. Tanner is very professional and a nice young man. He made us feel very comfortable and was so kind. ~ E.R. & D.R., Janesville, WI
The trust binder is completely professional and all inclusive. ~ S.H. & D.H., Stoughton, WI
What stands out the most to us from this experience is the competency of Mr. Vogel. ~ W.W. & M.W., Janesville, WI
All of our questions were answered and everything was explained clearly. We received a comprehensive product that fits us. The thoroughness of the documents and professionalism of everyone involved really stands out. A great experience. Money well spent! Thanks! ~ K.S. & P.S., New Lisbon, WI
Precise, organized, and accurate! ~ C.S., Janesville, WI
Michael took the time to explain everything. We completely understand everything he prepared for us. We knew what we were signing. ~ R.R. & B.R., Janesville, WI
I wasn't expecting to get my father's estate through probate as quickly as it did. While dealing with the loss of my father, Tanner and his colleagues did an excellent job making this part of my situation much less stressful. I could focus on the other things to deal with during the loss of my father and not have to worry about the closing of the estate. All of my phone calls and e-mails were responded to in a timely manner. Documentation was always spot on. When it comes to dealing with a situation of this nature, let the professionals help you! Thank you, Tanner, for all your help with my father's estate and setting my our Will. ~ J.B. & L.B., Janesville, WI
Attorney Vogel was very informative, helpful and kind when my father passed. I returned to him for my own family's Wills and Trusts. He's exceeded my expectations both times I've needed to use his services. I would definitely recommend him to anyone! ~ C.T., Edgerton, WI
The entire process was top notch, professional, and explained thoroughly. I was very fortunate to have it explained to myself in layman's terms. Highly recommend! ~ J.B. & R.B., Janesville, WI
My husband and I had a very complicated situation and Attorney Vogel did an exceptional job in setting up a trust for us. He covered all the smallest details and took all our stress and worry away! ~ T.R. & N.W., Beloit, WI
After going on Vogel Law Firm's website and reading Mike's profile, his educational accomplishments, his awards and reviews, I had no doubt we had the right lawyer to put together our trust and will. Easy to do business with. ~ A.K. & D.K., Edgerton, WI
An excellent law firm. Handled an estate for my family in a very professional and cost effective manner. Experts in both the law and the practical administration of trusts and estates, including taxation. A pleasure to work with as well. Highly recommend. ~ V.L., Arlington Heights, IL
Thank you Attorney Gille and Vogel Law Firm. You did an outstanding job getting me through my Mom's probate case. I so appreciated all you did for me! It was handled with compassion and professionalism. ~ K.M., Brodhead, WI
Very professional and efficient. Thank you Mike and Tanner. ~ M.B. & K.B., Edgerton, WI
Attorney Vogel and his staff have been professional and courteous to me with complete consistency over the many years they have filed my taxes. This includes telephone and in-person communication. The service is exemplary. Attorney Vogel has also provided my parents with estate planning and their level of comfort and satisfaction with him couldn't be higher. Trusting my parents' needs to him and having those expectations met and exceeded makes Attorney Vogel and his staff the clear choice. ~ G.S., Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Mike and his team truly are a great resource. They are professional and have demonstrated great follow-up. I am extremely pleased with the service and advisement they have given me over the past couple of years. ~ S.J., Bloomington, IL
I have met with this office maybe 10-12 times over a number of years. They were very knowledgeable and made my visits very easy. On a scale of one to 10, I would give them a 15. If I need to, I will go back in a second. I recommend them to everybody who asks me where I went to get the answers I needed to set up my estate. ~ R.B., Wilton, WI
Mike and his staff made this experience go as smoothly as I could have imagined. Flexible, professional, and responsive. I couldn't recommend them more. ~ A.F., Janesville, WI
Mike is simply the best estate attorney in town. Wherever I went, as soon as I said he was handling the estate, everyone said "Oh! You are in good hands." ~ M.D., WI
Highly recommend for all estate planning. ~ D.D., WI
Excellent and trustworthy advice delivered in a friendly and professional manner. Best investment I've made in my business. ~ R.W., Edgerton, WI
Knowledgeable, efficient, and very helpful. ~ E.M., WI
Very professional. ~ D.C., WI

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